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my application has 2 module, one is jar and the other is gwt war. in the jar module (non-gwt) pom.xml, I add


and als-admin-viewer-core-1.0.0-sources.jar is successfully created. Then In the webapp(a gwt application) pom.xml, I want to use this jar, and in the segment, I add


but when I run maven install for this project (als-admin-viewer-webapp), error No source code is available for type; did you forget to inherit a required module? is prompted.

what is the problem?!!

I even try to add

  <compileSourcesArtifact></compileSourcesArtifact>  <!-- groupId:artifactId -->



section of gwt-maven-plugin, but it still does not help!!

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I think you forgot to create "gwt.xml" file in your jar module and inherit it in your main gwt.xml (inside gwt maven module).

Please look at

for details (section "Using general purpose JARs as GWT library").

Also bear in mind: if you're using maven-source-plugin to attach sources, your sources will be distributed with the web application. And if you're using "compileSourcesArtifacts" you avoid this side-effect.

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