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Let's say that I want to define a module "Pair" in com.mycompany.common such that the source is located in com.mycompany.common (and not com.mycompany.common.client). How would I do this? Alternatively, let's say that I have the flexibility of defining the module "Pair" in com.mycompany instead while still having the source in com.mycompany.common.

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Thanks to a quick search on google, I found the answer myself. One can add a source path tag to the module xml file to define the source directory instead of leaving it to the default "client." For example, Pair.gwt.xml would look something like this:

  <source path="."/>

... if we wanted the gwt.xml file to be in the same directory as the source.

But when compiling this module, we get a "Non-canonical source package: ./" warning. Is this ok to ignore?

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No, it's NOT ok to ignore it. If it works for you it's by pure luck and thus incorrect. To achieve your goal you would do <source path=""/> – Flueras Bogdan Dec 7 '11 at 16:05

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