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I want to make Radio Web App Android-browser-based. The key function for my Web App is continuously playing music-list (mp3 files) ... JavaScript Code is simple ... And it works well in PC Browser, iOS safari, and Android Dolphin Browser (3rd party browser)...

var audioPlayer = new Audio();

audioPlayer.addEventListener('ended', nextSong, false);

function nextSong() {
  audioPlayer.src = nextMusic_src; 

But. in Android Default Browser, when android is in background mode (Home Screen mode & LCD-off Sleep mode), Android Browser's onPause() prevent "ended" event & execution of nextSong(). So, my web app can play only one music.... and does not work any more..... Android Browser's onPause() source code is like this ...


public class BrowserActivity extends Activity 

   private Controller mController;

   // ...


   protected void onPause() {

       if (mController != null) {
           mController.onPause();        //   <<==== here



public class Controller implements WebViewController, UiController {

   protected void onPause() {

       // ...
       mActivityPaused = true;
       // ...
       mNetworkHandler.onPause();        //   <<==== here

       WebView.disablePlatformNotifications();      //   <<====here



public class NetworkStateHandler {

   // ...

   void onPause() {

       // unregister network state listener

       mActivity.unregisterReceiver(mNetworkStateIntentReceiver);  //  <<==== here



Is there any browser policy for preventing event in background mode....? If not, how can I notice this report to the Google developer for requesting background music play with web app...? I consider not WebView based web-app (Hybrid) but only browser-based web-app... thank you...

Nohyun Kwak

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What version of Droid are you testing on? – Judah Himango Nov 27 '12 at 20:08

Droid's ended event doesn't fire consistently. It's fixed in ICS, I hear. But Gingerbread and prior have the issue.

Instead of listening for .ended, can you listen for .timeupdate and in that handler, see if the time is the end of the song? That may solve your issue.

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