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I have written a recurring payment module with asiapay payment,

however when i was in checkout progress, the shipping fee and subtotal is zero, although the actual fee will show up in the section below subtotal which is called "nominal item total",

it is still confusing for customer that the shipping fee is zero but it appears some value again in the last step.

Also , i am using table rate (price VS destintaion)....

at the step 3 SHipping method, it becomes worse that it did not find any shipping method...i am not allowed to move the step4!

So i would like to know how can i hardcode set the subtotal and shipping fee for nominal item checkout?

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Shipping in: app/code/core/Mage/Sales/Model/Quote/Address/Total/Nominal/Shipping.php

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Please see a fix to this on this website

As it mentions it isn't the neatest but it works it just adds some inline styles but should work for you too

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