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I require to have a DataGrid having multiple rows and 3 columns. Now each cell of the DataGrid is to show some information (6 to 8 parameters) and a button. On click of this button a pop-up is to be shown.

Now for displaying the data inside the cell of the DataGrid, I need to align them properly and was thinking of using the Grid. How to achieve this.

Also how do I get to know at the click event of the button that which cell button was clicked ?

Kindly help.

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You may add DataGridTemplateColumn(s) to your DataGrid, and then define usual data template for the column:

    <DataGridTemplateColumn Header="Foo" Width="SizeToCells">
                      <Button Command="{Binding SomeCommand}" />

Now about the click event. Bind your grid with items source. Each item in that source must be a view model with any ICommand property. Bind this property to the button's command in cell template, and you will get it.

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