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I've visited an image processing lab, but I didn't ask them some of the more technical questions. If you appear to know the answer to following questions, please share your knowledge:

  1. How can CUDA distribute workload? There is only one server in the center and multiple thin client terminals. Each terminal has basically a screen with keyboard, mouse and LAN cable attached. How does the card distribute the workload? (ex. does one terminal completely has 100% processing of all CUDA units of the Graphics card when it is the only one using? What if another terminal joins in? etc.)

  2. Sometimes, the screen of other terminals change color (like a color in RGB is gone missing), whenever another terminal dispatches some CUDA work to the server. Why does this happen?

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The second issue is pretty strange. As far as I know, local GPU is not responsible for rendering images for remote clients. Which thin client system exactly is used? –  aland May 22 '12 at 7:32

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