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I have object extends from event:

var A = function () {

inherits(A, EventEmitter);

var a = module.exports =  Object.create(new A());

A.prototype.method = module.exports = function f(arg1,arg2){}

On another module I make:

var controller = require('./filename');

function main(){

I guess something with the require/export is wrong but I couldn't find what.

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What's all this inherits, prototype and other voodoo you've got going on? Modules are cached so only one instance of their exports at at time, no? –  Matt May 22 '12 at 9:11

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Try this:

var A = function() {

inherits(A, EventEmitter);

var a = module.exports = new A();

A.prototype.f = function(arg1, arg2) {
    console.log("Hello, world!");

Your folly was to reassign module.exports a second type. This should do what you want; namely, the export of the module is an instance of A, such that require('./controller') returns the A instance, and you can call f(arg1, arg2) on that.

By the way, the Object.create() was extraneous.

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