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i have to create a new asp.net mvc page that integrates content provided by a cms on the server side static. my mvc page provides a masterpage with the navigation and certain links should point to pages of the cms (which is installed on the same server). it should be something like a "server side iframe".

my idea is to create a controller which loads the page of the cms using a webrequest, extracts the body part of the page and passes the extracted data to the view. the view simply outputs the passed html. i also plan to add some logic to pass post requests to the cms (for news letter subscriptions, contact forms, ...)

now my question is: is it possible to implement this solution? or is there a better way to do this on the server side?

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Could you use Application Request Routing to just hand off requests to your CMS, or do you need to include the externally provided content within an existing masterpage?

If you need to use the masterpage I would stick to the solution you suggest, although I might investigate the most robust and efficient option for querying the content from the CMS and perhaps if caching would be a good option.

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I have to check, if Application Request Routing could solve my problem. Thanks for the hint. –  Volkmar Rigo May 22 '12 at 8:46
All pages should share the same header (which contains navigation and login logic handled by my page) and footer. So i thought creating a masterpage is the easiest solution... –  Volkmar Rigo May 22 '12 at 8:52

It is undoubtedly possible, but keeping track of users, authentication, cookies etc. seems like a really tedious job. Also, embedding css classes, hard-coded styling etc. from the CMS in your MVC site could give you a severe headache.

If the CMS isn't home-brewed it probably has an API. In that case I would much prefer to use the API to get at the data I needed and then render that data using pure MVC. This will give you a much cleaner and more stable integration with the CMS.

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Unfortunly the cms doesn't provide an api. –  Volkmar Rigo May 22 '12 at 8:48

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