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I tried to use haversine i couldn't succeed Basically my problem is i have 3 map locations with their Lat and Long values. What i trying to do is getting this triangle's middle point.

Here is the picture

enter image description here

I Have the locations of H, F and I points. i need to know question mark's location. 41.040035,28.984026 41.040868,28.985807 41.039136,28.984981

PHP, MYSQL or Objective C any of these languages are ok as an answer. Even suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

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I checked this example : http://geomidpoint.com/example.html

And wrote a function in PHP, hope this is helpful ...

[edit] i forgot to convert to radians for the calculations so it gave a different output, so now it should be working fine ...


function middlepoint($lat1,$lon1,$lat2,$lon2,$lat3,$lon3){
    $w1=1095.75;$w2=730.5;$w3=365.25;$tw=$w1+$w2+$w3;   //weighting factors

    $x1=cos(floatval(deg2rad($lat1)))*cos(floatval(deg2rad($lon1)));$y1=cos(floatval(deg2rad($lat1)))*sin(floatval(deg2rad($lon1)));$z1=sin(floatval(deg2rad($lat1)));$x2=cos(floatval(deg2rad($lat2)))*cos(floatval(deg2rad($lon2)));$y2=cos(floatval(deg2rad($lat2)))*sin(floatval(deg2rad($lon2)));$z2=sin(floatval(deg2rad($lat2)));$x3=cos(floatval(deg2rad($lat3)))*cos(floatval(deg2rad($lon3)));$y3=cos(floatval(deg2rad($lat3)))*sin(floatval(deg2rad($lon3)));$z3=sin(floatval(deg2rad($lat3)));  //convert lat/long to cartesian (x,y,z) coordinates

    $x = ($x1*$w1+$x2*$w2+$x3*$w3)/$tw;$y=($y1*$w1+$y2*$w2+$y3*$w3)/$tw;$z=($z1*$w1+$z2*$w2+$z3*$w3)/$tw;   //Compute combined weighted cartesian coordinates

    $lon=atan2($y,$x);$hyp=sqrt(pow($x,2)+pow($y,2));$lat=atan2($z,$hyp);   //Convert cartesian coordinate to latitude and longitude for the midpoint

    $midpoint[0] = $lon * (180/pi());$midpoint[1] = $lat * (180/pi());  //Convert from radians to degrees

    return $midpoint;   //return an array(lat,lon);


$test = middlepoint(41.040035,28.984026,41.040868,28.985807,41.039136,28.984981);

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perfect, thank you! – siniradam May 22 '12 at 14:11

On the scale that you are working at you won't come to any harm treating the lat/long coordinates as plane coordinates and using the elementary operations of Euclidean geometry for figuring out positions such as the middle point of a triangle.

You might also be interested in barycentric coordinates.

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but i am afraid of a couple of work could be tiring for the system, thank you though. i'll try anway – siniradam May 22 '12 at 14:16

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