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In .net spring land you can declare a custom variable source and do ${variableName} style variables in your spring config. You do it by implementing an interface (IVariableSource) and it looks like this:

<object type="Spring.Objects.Factory.Config.VariablePlaceholderConfigurer, Spring.Core">
    <property name="VariableSources">
            <ref object="MyVariableSource" />

<object id="TestObject" type="TestProject.TestObject, TestProject" singleton="false">
    <constructor-arg type="string" value="${MyVariableDefinedInMyVariableSource}" />

What is the equivalent of this in java spring land?

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Yes, this is done before. This link has detailed reference.

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You can also achieve the same in Java too. Below is the example.

<bean id="propertyConfigurer"
    <property name="location" value="classpath:config/config.properties" />

<bean id="myController"
    <property name="variableName" value="${variableName}" />
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Thanks, I saw the docs for PropertyPlaceHolderConfigurer, but it's not quite the same. I'm not reading the values from a property file but from a database –  Pieter Breed May 22 '12 at 9:44

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