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I have a vector of strings

          x = {'rrr' 'aaa' 'bbb' 'hhh' 'aaa' 'ppp'};
          y = unique(x);

This code returns unique value, but sorts them. Output of this code is

          y = {'aaa' 'bbb' 'hhh' 'ppp' 'rrr'}

I want it top return unique values, but unsorted. The output I want is

          y =  {'rrr' 'aaa' 'bbb' 'hhh' 'ppp'}

How to do this?

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You can use the second output argument of unique, which returns the index of the unique elements. To display them in the original order, use the sort function on the index vector before indexing the original vector.

 x = {'rrr' 'aaa' 'bbb' 'hhh' 'aaa' 'ppp'};
 [y,i] = unique(x);


The output:

ans = 

    'rrr'    'bbb'    'hhh'    'aaa'    'ppp'
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This blog entry explains it very well:

    [X, SortVec] = sort(x);
    %Remove duplicates
    UV(SortVec) = ([1; diff(X)] ~= 0);
    %Resort to be back in original order
    y = B(UV);
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The latest version of MATLAB, R2012a, has additional options for the unique command that do exactly what you need. For older versions, @HMuster and @Dan have good answers.

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