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My friends developed this game using java and they asked me to do the multilayer for it. its a side scrolling shooter like asteroids. I know it would have to deal with sockets and id prefer to use tcp over udp to have a constant connection and not have data clusters back and forth. i have a proto-type that sends strings back and forth from client to server visa versa. but how would I implement this into a game? would I send the x and y coordinates of the ship to the game that's hosting the game then send back the other games coordinates? any help would be greatly appreciated thank you in advanced.

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For a small project like yours, letting the client do lot of the calculations are probably okay, but a good advice is this: Never trust the client! All data you can receive from the client can be forged. –  Joachim Pileborg May 22 '12 at 9:31

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I would suggest this structure for your game:

  • Create a server that hosts the game and do calculations.
  • Let the server create and handle objects (ennemies) moving in the screen. This way you only have to send data server -> client to update the user interface.
  • As for the space ships the server has to update all clients at the same time, so on client side, send the x,y coordinates to the server everytime there's a movement and then broadcast the new position to every player. Same goes for shooting or any other event generated client-side.
  • For when two objects collide (for example a laser and an ennemy), this should be handled by the server, having both objects and ships positions.

Clients will only have to read objects coordinates, draw them and send ships/laser position to the server.
The Server will generate objects and send their position to all clients. At the same time read ships position and update users interface.

Sending/reading data can be hard tho. There are several ways to do so and depends on what it's easier for you to comprehend for now. It can be improved later.

  • During the whole game the server keeps sending objects position.
    If number of objects on screen isn't always the same, send a string containing the number of objects at the moment + their coordinates. Client side loop through those coordinates using the number you specified before.
  • Same goes for the ships. I guess those will be a fixed number, so you can just send their coordinates.
  • Inside the string, coordinates should be separated by something so you will be able to read them when received.
    One way to do so is to separate them with a specific character
    "x1,y1;x2,y2;x3,y3;x4,y4; ..." 
    ("," between x-y and ";" between sets of coordinates)
    or, since you are sending a String, write them always with the same ammount of characters (say 4)
    "0012054201620104"  (x1: 12 , y1: 542 ; x2: 162 , y2: 104)
  • Finaly I suggest to add a header to every packet you send, to know if it's a list of objects coordinates or a list of ship coordinates.
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WEll, this could be done in several ways, Let say we have object: - Space_1,Space_2,....Space_n as space craft objects

As the game proceeds, the screen will be filled with space craft objects Each time you will get the x,y coordinate of all the space_x elements in the game And you will also send your coordinate

So the game at a client machine will have - point1 (x,y) of your coordinate - point_2....point_n (x,y) for other space crafts (of your opponent) - each time it refreshes the x,y for opponents change

You will handle the shoot of the space craft in your local application Lets say you shoot and hit space_3 You will send to the server that space_3 has been hit, hence flag this ship as dead in the server When other clients (other users/players) get the refresh call from the server, all of them will see that space_3 has been hit

Hope this helped, also if its too abstract

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so after i set up my printwriter and bufferread i write the position of ship 1 and read the position of ship 2 simultaneously? then on the next frame paint the ships and read and write again? would that do? –  UnbrandedTech May 22 '12 at 10:00
I have to get more from your code to make a more assertive assumption, but basically yes, this would be a good solution You may have to do some performance adjustment with the communication to the server –  Omar Abdelhafith May 22 '12 at 10:20

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