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I have many applications on IIS in different web sites. Some of them are using 4 core some of them are using just 1 core of CPU. To make this I seperated into different application pools (named like 4.0Framework_1CPU, 3.5Framework_4CPU etc.)

I want to get know which virtual directory is consuming how much ram, cpu, disk space real time. And how can I get these information programmatically to make alerts?

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AFAIK it is not possible to monitor resources consumed by individual virtual directories, though for application pools running .NET Framework 4 you can enable monitoring of individual applications by enabling AppDomain.MonitoringIsEnabled property.

For application pools running older version of .NET framework, you can only monitor resources on per-process (per application pool) basis. For this purpose you can use classes from System.Web.Management namespace (especially WebProcessStatistics), or get data regarding ASP.NET from PerformanceCounters.

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