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I have to two strings that I want to match everything that doesn't equal them, the first string can be followed by a number of characters. I tried something like this, negating two ors and negating that result.


Any ideas?

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to clarify I want to match anything that does not end in the word 'Factory' or isn't equal to the word 'AppName' –  jtruelove Jul 1 '09 at 16:30

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dfa's answer is by far the best option. But if you can't use it for some reason, try:


It's very difficult to determine from your question and your regex what you're trying to do; they seem to imply opposite behaviors. The regex I wrote will not match if Factory appears anywhere in the string, or AppName appears at the beginning of it.

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Try this regular expression:


This matches every string that does not end with Factory and does not contain AppName.

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what about

if (!match("(Factory|AppName)")) {
    // your code
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Would it work if you looked for the existence of those two strings and then negated the regex?

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