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I´m having a problem with the cache in Firefox and Opera to use the HTML5 tag .

My page has a button that generates a new video in the server when it´s clicked (always the same name), and when the video is generated, is showed in the page with video.../video.

The problem is that Firefox and Opera always show the first version of the video in the page, and the last version (correctly) if I enter to the video URL directly.

I have tried deleting cache, using "meta http-equiv="Cache-control" content="no-cache" ", but it´s useless.

In Chrome and Safari it works perfectly.

Any idea?


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3 options:

  1. send proper cache-control headers for the video-file. this would be done via htaccess file or web.config file (Apache / IIS). while essentially a good solution it might still fail in some browsers
  2. attach a timecode to the path like this:
  3. always use a new name for the video-file - e.g. by counting the generated videos and numbering them sequentially

option 3 together with a cronjob that deletes old videos is probably best - else two users looking at your page at the same time would overwrite each others video.

option 1 / 2 are fine for a single-user environment.

option 2 would reset the path of your <video id='myvideo'> element upon completion of generating the new video:

document.getElementById('myvideo').setAttribute(""+(+new Date());

note that this solution only deals with one source file. for this to work in all browsers you need mp4 and webm (or ogv) files --> two video files compare and

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Thanks! Option 2 is the best for my web. – Borja May 23 '12 at 8:22

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