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I have installed the OpenID plugin (v0.4.3) for my Grails(v2.0.1) app but I am having trouble authenticating with Google as the OpenID provider.

I believe the problem is that OpenId4Java v0.9.4 doesn't handle Google's response properly. I read this somewhere the other day but can't find a reference at the moment (will edit when I find it).

So I want to upgrade the version of the OpenId4Java jar that the plugin has with a later version. But I am not sure where/how to do this.

In the <home dir>/.grails/2.0.1/projects/<my project>/plugins/openid-0.4.3/lib folder the jar is java-openid-sxip-0.9.4.jar. And the one I find in the recommended download from http://code.google.com/p/openid4java/ is openid4java-0.9.6.jar.

I've never had to replace a jar supplied by a plugin before so I'm just wondering where I should put the 0.9.6 jar, and how I get my app to recognise it?

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It seems that installing version 0.4.4 (released late May 2012) of the OpenID plugin does the trick. It comes with openid4java-nodeps-0.9.6.jar instead of java-openid-sxip-0.9.4.jar meaning the newer version (v0.9.6) of OpenId4Java is used.

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