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Just have read sass changelog and found out that FSSM (the gem that had been used for compass watch task) had been replaced with Listen

I've tried to google to find out the reasons but can not find exactly reasons. As of today, number of total downloads of FSSM is way bigger than that one of Listen. Besides, as far as I can understand (correct me if I wrong) FSSM gracefully degrades for polling if inotify-like events are not supported. An Listen does not.

So, can somebody explain what are the reasons to use the Listen gem instead of FSSM if I want to use file system events in my script?

UPD: Ha-ha, after updating FSSM and attempting to call it, I get the following message from FSSM:

Dear developers making use of FSSM in your projects, FSSM is essentially dead at this point. Further development will be taking place in the new shared guard/listen project. Please let us know if you need help transitioning! ^_^b - Travis Tilley

So it looks like the decision of FSSM creators. This, nevertheless, does not abolish my question - what has been wrong with FSSM?

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The switch was discussed in this Compass issue. Listen seems to be a bit more actively maintained by multiple core Guard developers than FSSM at the moment. If the warning message is from @ttilley (who authored FSSM) that lends it further credence.

I got that FSSM warning message too when running compass watch somefile.css.scss (using compass 0.12.2). It seems to be just a coming attraction of the switch to Listen which does not seem to have happened yet.

According to the current Listen docs, it too gracefully degrades to polling if the OS adapter has trouble figuring out if the the files changed.

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