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I'm using the asp.net MVC pattern of having a url like controller/action/id. This works fine if I navigate to the url directly.

I want to have a page where the user can input the id and click a button (or link) which takes them to the correct url.

Do I need to somehow make an action link that points to a varying url based on the input using some client-side script?
Or can I render a Form that GETs the correct url?

Is what I'm doing unusual; should I be doing something else? (Note that the number of ids is too long to list).

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It's probably easier to do this clientside with some JavaScript than in your code-behind. –  Davio May 22 '12 at 11:42
The simplest way to do it involves POSTing a form and then redirecting based on input. Other than that - Javascript (or jQuery, if you like the framework) to minimize the traffic (redirections and posts). –  Patryk Ćwiek May 22 '12 at 11:43
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Assuming you have the default route set up, you can do the following client-side script (make sure it's in the same file though):

var yourLink = '@Url.Action("controller", "action")';
//should output controller/action/

Then assuming your button has the id myButton and the textbox has the id myTextBox, you can do this jQuery:

$("#myButton").click(function () {
    location.href = yourLink + $("#myTextBox").val();
    //should output controller/action/5 for example, although you might
    //want to make sure they've put a "correct" value in here
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