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I would like to ask if anybody had already done this on ebay custom pages? I wanted to list all the categories automatically by just using ebay html special tags to loop through and display all the categories.

thanks for helping.

Edit: is there such an ebay html codes for that?

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Not unless you have one of the eBay outlet shops, they have a whole different set of special tags from everyone else.

I've spent two days trying to find out myself and the closest I came was this however since it uses javascript calling a remote php script it dosent meet your requirements (and sice its using an external script, im not sure its meeting eBay's terms and conditions) http://www.kernelbd.com/blog/web-applications/dynamic-ebay-store-categories-free/

Personally I think this limitation is a massive hole in the eBay selling system for businesses and for us could end up causing us to just use eBay as a stock clearance service and not a viable sales tool for full retail

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