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I'm using the jQuery quicksearch plugin to search for items in a table of data. Very slick and works fantastically well when there are a reasonable number of rows.

(Reasonable number: Less than 200 rows with 10 columns which an average of 20 characters per cell.)

When I increase the number of rows performance drops off and it becomes unusable.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Are there any tips/tricks to improve performance of this plugin or something that I may have misconfigured to make it perform poorly?
  2. What are the alternative jQuery plugins that I might consider to replace this one given that I anticipate having many rows in the table?
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If you have large number of rows, try approach listed on this page:


Basically, you try to create an 'index' from the row data and while filtering, you only search this index and not the whole table.

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