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I have a autoconf/automake system that has a stand-alone target called stand. I don't want stand to be normally built, so I have this in my Makefile.am:

bin_PROGRAMS = grace
extra_PROGRAMS = stand
stand_SOURCES = stand.cpp barry.cpp ...

This has worked for a while, but automake just got updated on my system and I'm now getting this error:

src/Makefile.am:4: error: 'extra_PROGRAMS' is used but 'extradir' is undefined
src/Makefile.am:66: warning: variable 'stand_SOURCES' is defined but no program or
src/Makefile.am:66: library has 'stand' as canonical name (possible typo)

So I added this:

extradir = .

But that has caused problems.

I don't want the stand program installed. It's just a test program for me. But it's not part of a formal test suite, it's just for my own purposes. What should I do?

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We found the bug! It turns out that extra needs to be capitalized, like this:

bin_PROGRAMS = grace
stand_SOURCES = stand.cpp barry.cpp ...
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You could try conditionally building it:

noinst_PROGRAMS += stand
stand_SOURCES = stand.cpp barry.cpp ...

This will not install it since it's in noinst_PROGRAMS and others will normally not build it since BUILD_STAND will normally not be defined for them.

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