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I made windows form application in win 7 .net 3.5, all the custom textboxes were give hardcoded locations everything went well in all xp systems, & even in win 7 systems which had .net 4(Client Profile only) but for windows 7 system with .net 4.0(client profile & extended) all the custom textboxes are to the above and left of their labels showing a pattern as if they were not anchored with the form.

But when i resize the form in .net 3.5 the textboxes & labels do not move because they are not anchored in their locations as expected.

Any ideas whats happening?

enter image description here

Edit 1: I just tried the program on a system with .Net 4 Client Profile & Extended and it worked fine, so there is definetly wrong in the system where above image was taken, Perhaps some screen resolution issue?

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Please post pix –  Cole Johnson May 22 '12 at 14:02
@ColeJohnson updated question & posted pic –  jaminator May 22 '12 at 14:52

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/facepalm Sorry guys, my bad the windows font on the system was set to medium, my application was expecting it to be small.

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