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I got trouble with my webapp. I am expecting a rendered form, but I get a white screen. If I view the InternetExplorer-source I read strange HTML-Tags like:

<body jQuery1337692490330="9" onload="showSubform(false,''); ...>

What does this mean? Thanks in advance. In Firefox it looks like this:

<body onload="showSubform(false,''); ...>

A JSF-based webapp produced the frame-based code. Thanks in advance.

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It is the expando attribute, which is a key that represents that element in the jquery cache. It is the index in the cache that's name is made up of the string Jquery + a timestamp. It will not be the cause of any issues on your page.

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this is great.. may I know , how this is coming or because of what ? –  RDX RaN Mar 7 '14 at 12:58

The jQuery1337692490330="9" attribute is added to some HTML elements by jQuery for it's internal implementation needs.

These attributes should not be the source of your problem unless you are iterating on attributes and rely on their exact order, which should not be the case.

If is more likely that you have an other problem on your page that prevent it from displaying properly

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