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How to put IF THEN expression in PHP function fwrite? The below-given code does not work correctly. Please look at the line fwrite($fh, "$row[0]...).

    $myFile = "testFile.php";
    $fh = fopen($myFile, 'w') or die("can't open file");

    fwrite($fh, "lat    lon title   description iconOffset  icon\n");
    foreach ($result4 as $row):
        fwrite($fh, "$row[0]    $row[1] $row[2] Resource average speed is: $row[3] km/h -10,-10 if($row[4]==0) images/markerRed.png else images/markerGreen.png\n");

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$image = ($row[4] == 0) ? "images/markerRed.png" : "images/markerGreen.png";
/* ... $row[3] ... ".$image."\n"; */
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Try this:

foreach ($result4 as $row) 
    $s = "$row[0]    $row[1] $row[2] Resource average speed is: $row[3] km/h -10,-10 ";
    $s .= $row[4]==0 ? 'images/markerRed.png' : 'images/markerGreen.png';
    fwrite($fh, $s."\n");
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fwrite is not going to understand or evaluate PHP logic. Separate out the if statement like this:

fwrite($fh, "$row[0]    $row[1] $row[2] Resource average speed is: $row[3] km/h -10,-10");
    fwrite($fh, " images/markerRed.png\n");
    fwrite($fh, " images/markerGreen.png\n");
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