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I am having a problem with a custom ComboxBox firing events. The idea is to have the combobox bound to a collection of items with an Edit and Delete button in-line with each item. I can make the click event work using code-behind, but the command binding seems to do nothing.

    <ComboBox SelectedIndex="0">
                                <ColumnDefinition Width="200"/>
                                <ColumnDefinition Width="auto"/>
                        <TextBlock Text="{Binding Name}"/>
                            <StackPanel Grid.Column="1" 
                                <Button Content="Edit" 
                                        Command="{Binding EditConnectionCommand}"
                                        CommandParameter="{Binding ID}"/>
                                <Button Content="Delete"
                                        Command="{Binding DeleteConnectionCommand}"
                                        CommandParameter="{Binding ID}"/>
                        <ComboBoxItem IsEnabled="False" Visibility="Collapsed">Select a database connection...</ComboBoxItem>
                        <CollectionContainer Collection="{Binding Source={StaticResource ConnectionsBridge}}" />
                        <ComboBoxItem>...New Connection...</ComboBoxItem>
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Your binding looks for the commands in the items, not in the ViewModel of the window.
To change this, fix your binding like this:

{Binding ElementName=root, Path=DataContext.EditConnectionCommand}

For this to work, you need to add Name="root" to your UserControl or Window.

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That makes sense, but what is the workaround? – nathantruant May 22 '12 at 14:57
@nathantruant: Please see update. – Daniel Hilgarth May 22 '12 at 15:51

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