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Possible Duplicate:
Android API for Google Drive?

I want to synchronize a single small xml file between Android application and separate standalone Java-based desktop application. First, a user pushes a button in the Android application and the xml file is stored somewhere in the cloud. Next, the user launches standalone desktop application and gets the xml file from the cloud.

I wanted to use Google Drive for this purpose. However, I am confused about the following from Google Drive help pages:

Warning: Authorization alone is not sufficient to give your app access to users' files — app installation is also required. Apps will not have any API access to files unless users have first installed the app in Chrome Web Store.

Is there a way to directly grab/write a file from/to Google Drive having the credentials? Or at least a way with least problems for the end user?

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stackoverflow.com/a/10306505/1106381 – Alain May 22 '12 at 14:54
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At the moment, we realize this isn't feasible with the Drive API, as you'd need a token created for a client ID that had been installed from the Chrome Web Store. We are planning a fix for this, but don't have anything immediately. In the immediate term, you should use the Documents List API.

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