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I downloaded the XMLRPC client project and try to initialize a connection to my XMLRPC server.

I set up a local server for testing and use to call the rpc.

Each time I'm calling my test method, that only return a simple string, i receive the following error message of the XMLRPC client.

What is going wrong?

05-22 16:08:27.503: E/OpenConfDashboardDesignActivity(759): org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParserException: expected: START_TAG {null}methodResponse (position:START_TAG <html>@4:7 in java.io.InputStreamReader@413092f8) 
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Try adding more logging, Mostly likely it is the path of the server that's is incorrect.

    } catch (final XMLRPCFault e) {
            // TODO: do something with message.contains
            Log.i(TAG, "XMLRPCFault : " +e.toString());
            String message = e.getMessage();
            if (message.contains("<html>")) {
                Log.i(TAG, MessCon" : " +e.toString());
                return null;
        } catch (XMLRPCException e) {
            Log.i(TAG, " XMLRPCException : " +e.toString());
            return null;
        Log.i(TAG, " respnse : " + response);
        return response;
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