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wondering how to carry out this requirement if at all possible.

I am modifying the Customer Account Statement morphx report, and the user has requested that we have a Page of Page, i.e. Page 1 of 10, Page 2 of 10 etc etc...

What we need is for the report to reset the total pages after it fetches a new customer. So Customer 00001 might have a 3 page statement, which would be "Page 1 of 3" "Page 2 of 3" and "Page 3 of 3". Customer 00002 might only have a page statement so it will be "Page 1 of 1".

As standard what happens is you get Total pages for the entire report i.e. "Page 1 of 140" "Page 2 of 140" "Page 3 of 140" then next customer "Page 1 of 140" etc etc...

I would assume that a total counter based on the standard counter would be required, but not sure where to capture this total value?

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You can call the element.reset() method in fetch after each account statement. This finalizes the report as a print job. This not good if the output is going to a PDF or mail.

Also have a look on this and this question.

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Hi Jan, firstly thank you again for your assistance it is as always greatly appreciated. I have added this to the end of the Fetch method and it splits the report up into individual Account Statements, is this the only way that this will work? I understand that when sending straight to a printer this is the ideal method, but if we want to view the report then it means over 100 report viewers opening? –  will May 23 '12 at 8:24
Unless you can pre calculate then number of pages :). See stackoverflow.com/a/10318409/4509 –  Jan B. Kjeldsen May 23 '12 at 8:31
But if you test on the this.printJobSettings.getTarget() you can either newPage and set page or reset. The pageTotal will then not work on sceen. Hopefully they will not print from the screen viewer. These are your options. –  Jan B. Kjeldsen May 23 '12 at 8:35
I see, many thanks for your assistance. Hopefully they are happy to just go with Page 1, Page 2, Page3 --> next Customer Page 1, Page 2 etc... –  will May 23 '12 at 8:56

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