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I have developed a google apps script in a spreadsheet that uses oAuth. I now copied the same script to a gadget that runs on a site. When I want to run the function that uses oauth I get the following error:

Unexpected exception upon serializing continuation

This happens both when I run the actual gadget on a site or when I run the function from the script editor. The exact same code works when called from the script editor in the spreadsheet. Am I doing something wrong or is it simply not possible to use oAuth with UrlFetchApp.fetch when using a site gadget?



Here's some sample code of what I'm trying to do, you'll need to include real api secrets from the Google Api console to test it.

  function CalendarApiBug( ) {

    var oAuthConfig = UrlFetchApp.addOAuthService('agenda scheduler');

    this.baseUrl = '';
    this.calendarsList = null;

    this.getBaseUrl = function() {
      return this.baseUrl;
    } //CalendarApiBug.getBaseUrl

    this.getFetchArgs = function() {
      return {oAuthServiceName:'agenda scheduler', oAuthUseToken:"always"};
    } //CalendarApiBug.getFetchArgs

    this.getCalendarList = function(refresh){
      if (refresh != true && this.calendarsList != null )
        return this.calendarsList;

      var fetchArgs = this.getFetchArgs();   
      fetchArgs.method = 'get';
      var url = this.baseUrl + 'users/me/calendarList'; 
      this.calendarsList = Utilities.jsonParse(UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, fetchArgs).getContentText());
      return this.calendarsList; 
    } //CalendarApiBug.getCalendarList

  function test(){
    var api = new CalendarApiBug();
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The oAuth approval dialog only becomes visible when running the code from inside the Script Manager. In order to publish your Apps Script code to a Site, you would have needed to publish that version of the script as a service. Open the code editor for that script and make sure that you can run the functions with the script editor first. This will verify your oAuth approval has been stored.

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I tried running the functions in the editor first but it gives the error. I think the script is already published since the gadget's UI is shown on my site. It works as long as I don't call the oauth code. – jankeir May 24 '12 at 7:48

Why use Oauth in a Google Apps Script for the Calendar service?

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Because the calendar api available through oauth allows more than the build in API, like changing the ACL of the calendar. – jankeir May 24 '12 at 7:45

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