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I came across this in some JS code I was working on:

if ( typeof( e.isTrigger ) == 'undefined' ) {
// do some stuff            

This seems to be part of jQuery. As far as I can see it tells you if an event originated with the user or automatically.

Is this right? And given that it's not documented, is there a way of finding such things out without going behind the curtain of the jQuery API?

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That's pretty ugly. if (!e.isTrigger) is how that should be written. If jQuery ever starts setting it to false explicitly, this code will break in a pretty messy way. –  meagar Jan 9 '13 at 23:01

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In jQuery 1.7.2 (unminified) line 3148 contains event.isTrigger = true; nested within the trigger function. So yes, you are correct - this is only flagged when you use .trigger() and is used internally to determine how to handle events.

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