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I can't seem to get this done. I'm getting data from a table, if the value in the column = y then the checkbox must be checked, if the value in the column = n, the checkbox must not be checked, all the checkboxes stays checked, even though only the first row's column = y

    include 'datalogin.php';
    $sel_course_id = 2;
    $sel_date_1    = '2012-05-21';
    $sel_date_2    = '2012-05-22';
    echo "<form action='' method='post'>";
    echo "<strong>Completed the course</strong>";

    $sql1 = "SELECT * FROM trn WHERE course_id = '$sel_course_id' AND date_1 = '$sel_date_1' and date_2 = '$sel_date_2'";
    $res1 = mysql_query($sql1);
    while ($row1 = mysql_fetch_assoc($res1)) {
        $rowid1           = $row1['id'];
        $uid1              = $row1['usr_id'];
        $certificate_name1 = $row1['certificate_name'];
        $course_completed1 = $row1['course_completed'];

            $sql2 = "SELECT * FROM ex_usrs WHERE id = '$uid1'";
            $res2 = mysql_query($sql2);
            while ($row2 = mysql_fetch_assoc($res2)) {
                $fn2 = $row2['firstname'];
                $ln2 = $row2['lastname'];
            $checked2 = "";
            if ($course_completed1 == y) {
                $checked2 = "checked";
            if ($course_completed1 == n) {
                $checked2 = "";
            echo "<input name='question[$rowid1][]' type='checkbox'  checked='$checked2' value='1' />$fn2 $ln2";
echo "</br>";
    echo "</form>";
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Like mentioned, you need to quote y and n to compare string values. But even just having checked="" will result in your checkbox being checked. Try making your statements like this instead:

if ($course_completed1 == "y") {
    $checked2 = "checked='checked'";
elseif ($course_completed1 == "n") {
    $checked2 = "";

echo "<input name='question[$rowid1][]' type='checkbox' $checked2 value='1' />$fn2 $ln2";
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Use quotes for strings:

if ($course_completed1 == "y") {
    $checked2 = "checked";
if ($course_completed1 == "n") {
    $checked2 = "";
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checked='$checked2' should be plain $checked2, it is a boolean attribute.

(Unless you are writing XHTML in which case it should also be given the value 'checked="checked" after you test if ($course_completed1 == "y") {).

Your tests should also be checking strings ("y") and not constants (y).

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