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I have the following page structure:

- (menu separator)

Page1 to page4 are being used to define a horizontal main menu.

Page5 to page7 are being used to define a vertical side menu.

The following typoscript is being used for the main menu:

lib.mainMenu = HMENU
lib.mainMenu.special = directory
lib.mainMenu.special.value = {$main_menu_start_id}

lib.mainMenu.entryLevel = 0

lib.mainMenu.1 = TMENU
lib.mainMenu.1 {
  // Fix to limit items in main menu
  maxItems = 4

Is it possible in typoscript to replace the maxItems approach by something like the following?

  • Get the pageid of the menu separator.
  • Using a statement to say that mainMenu should end at this pageid.
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Risky approach, I doubt if it will be possible to do that with pure TypoScript

Instead I'd suggest to build horizontal menu (pages 1-4) with special=list example:

lib.mainMenu = HMENU
lib.mainMenu.special = list
lib.mainMenu.special.value = 1,2,3,4
lib.mainMenu.1 = TMENU

and then vertical menu as a menu of all other items except of the previous 4

lib.sideMenu = HMENU
lib.sideMenu.excludeUidList = 1,2,3,4
lib.sideMenu.1 = TMENU
// etc

other way

you can also put the page which is hidden in menu at the begining let's call it horizontal menu items and then use special=directory in HMENU to build menu with all sub-items. It's also easier add/delete/change items without changing the TS:


- horizontal menu items (uid: 123, hidden in menu)
  |-- page 1
  |-- page 2
  |-- page 3
  --- page 4
- page 5
- page 6
- page 7


lib.mainMenu = HMENU
lib.mainMenu.special = directory
lib.mainMenu.special.value = 123
lib.mainMenu.1 = TMENU

lib.sideMenu = HMENU
lib.sideMenu.1 = TMENU
// etc
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It is possible. But you cannot use optionSplit then.


lib.mainMenu.1.NO.allStdWrap {
  prepend = LOAD_REGISTER
  prepend {
    data = REGISTER:hideMenuItem
    ifEmpty = 0
    override = 1
    override.if.equals.field = doktype
    override.if.value = 199
  if.isFalse.data = REGISTER:hideMenuItem

I did not tested, but the main princple should become clear: create an internal REGISTER which is checked for each menuitem. If there is an menu-item of doktype menu-separator (199) then set the register. If the register is set, do not render the menu.

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