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I've a very simple scenario. I am using FaceBook API Explorer. I've got two random user profiles that have public posts on their wall:

  1. (facebook = 7901103)
  2. (facebook

I'm trying to use fql to access status/links of these users. When I try

fql?q=SELECT link_id FROM link WHERE owner = 7901103

I receive about 250 rows of data. But when I try the same with the other user id

fql?q=SELECT link_id FROM link WHERE owner= 100001044928063

I receive [] (an empty dataset!)

What am I doing wrong here? Why can I not fetch public posts from link/stream table when both the profiles are public and all their posts are public?

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I think this answers my question: Facebook Graph API returns 'false' even though post is public. The first profile is truly public (accessible to internet and facebook users) and the second profile is not truly public ( accessible only to logged in users)

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