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I'm trying to find which event is triggered when you right click an item in a listview. When I right an item it marks it as selected but I can't seem to find which event is triggered.

I have attached a function to the oniteminvoked event, which is triggered correctly when I left-click an item but not when I right-click it.

Which event is triggered when I right-click an item?.


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For what it's worth, you should also see a selectionchanging and selectionchanged event since the listview.selection property will be updated. This is a ListView event, not an item event, but might be useful depending on what you're trying to accomplish.

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Thanks. I ultimately did it using selectionchanged event but it required some extra code. Basically, setting selected items programatically triggers the selectionchanged event (which seems reasonably) thus code would interpret it as a right click which isn't correct. Shouldn't it be a cleaner way of doing this?. It would be great if itemInvoked event object had the neccesary information to know with which mouse button the event was triggered. – Hyperd Jun 11 '12 at 13:42

You should use the AppBar object to give your users a right click experience. See Commanding Design for Metro Style Apps. That said, you could listen for contextmenu ...

object.addEventListener("contextmenu", handler, useCapture)
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