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I'm trying to publish an ASP.NET project in VS2010, and am getting the following error:

Copying file bin\CKFinder.pdb to obj\Release\Package\PackageTmp\bin\CKFinder.pdb failed. Could not find file 'bin\CKFinder.pdb'.

I had tried using a trial version of CKFinder (with CKEditor), but I backed it out. I removed all references to CKFinder, including the folders and the references - or so I thought.

I've tried looking this error up, and have come up empty. This is getting frustrating.

Why is this error coming up? Ideas?

Thanks in advance . . .

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Update: I went into Project --> Package/Publish Settings, and clicked "Exclude generated debug symbols." The project is now publishing as I write this. –  Ray K. May 22 '12 at 16:17

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Update: I went into Project --> Package/Publish Settings, and clicked "Exclude generated debug symbols." The project began publishing with no issue.

Update #2 (this is probably the better answer): I tried to publish as debug instead of release (yes, I wanted to keep the debug features in this particular release), and the error came up again. It turned out that I did not exclude the CKfinder.dll from the project. Once I did so, it ran with no problem.

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not me... Error 1 Copying file Views\Default1\Index.cshtml to obj\Release\Package\PackageTmp\Views\Default1\Index.cshtml failed. Could not find file 'Views\Default1\Index.cshtml'. In VS2012 Express ! –  François Breton Feb 13 '13 at 15:09
Dah ! The files aren't in the folder but just in the .proj. SubVersion Commit fail ! –  François Breton Feb 13 '13 at 15:12
Francois Breton comment proved helpful for me. I had removed a reference to a dll, but TFS did not reflect the same. I had to go and edit my Project.csproj file and remove the <Content Include=OffendingDLL.dll> reference. Save it on disk , VS asked to reload project. Now publishing okay –  Vishnoo Rath Nov 7 '13 at 12:33

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