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I'm running a Rails 2.3.4 app under ruby 1.8.7 and rvm with a custom gemset.

In trying to get rspec up and running, I've tried several times to uninstall rspec 2 and install rspec and rspec-rails version 1.3.4. However, when I run rspec -v I get 2.10.0 regardless of what I do.

Finally I got this error message:

You are running rspec-2, but it seems as though rspec-1 has been loaded as
  well.  This is likely due to a statement like this somewhere in the specs:

      require 'spec'

  Please locate that statement, remove it, and try again.

So it looks like 2.10.0 is actually still loaded. Even if I do a gem uninstall rspec rspec is still loaded. What's going on?

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how about "bundle exec rspec -v" ? –  Jesse Wolgamott May 22 '12 at 16:12
I'm not running bundler. –  James May 22 '12 at 16:14

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You should use spec (the RSpec 1 executable) instead of rspec, as explained in this answer.

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