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Consider I have some big String in the following structure:


*Where parameter is sequence of some chars in a generally unknown length.

Now consider my big String is holding 4 lines of data, for example:


How can I read the first line and then read the second line and so on?
I know that I can use Substring method to get the first line every time easily, however
how can I use Substring(or other methods) to get the next 3 lines of the big string, in order to extract the first line again (which represent the second line of the original big string in practice).
I know that all I need is the index of the last "\0" (line 4) and I already have the index of current line "\0".

Should I just use lastIndexOf("\0")?
If you have any other ideas or even criticism about this way of working, I'll be more than glad to hear about.

Thanks :)

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You could use the String.split method with a "\0" argument. You will then get an array of strings (String[]) which you can then do whatever you wish with :)

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You can use the StringReader wrapped into a BufferedReader, something like:

BufferedReader r = new BufferedReader(new StringReader("my multiline text..."));
String l = null;
while ((l=r.readLine)!=null) {
 // each line in "l"

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I would use regular expression to separate the string. In case you want all words in one string array you can just use /s (whitespace) as a separator pattern.

You can find information here

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