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I've read articles that Child Windows in SL3 cannot be set to non-moveable, without creating your own custom window. Was this fixed in SL4? This is a problem, because the user is able to drag windows off the silverlight stage, which seems like an awkard UI design. On my first try I moved it offscreen and was not able to move it back or close it. I do not understand the logic behind leaving out the option to make the window non-moveable.

Is there any other way to prevent the user from dragging a child window off the screen? Or is creating my own custom window the only way.

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I created my own custom Style which gets rid of the close button in the header and stops the moving. In your control set: <controls:ChildWindow ... Style="{StaticResource themeChildWindowStyle}"

You can create the style with Blend pretty easy.

Here's a discussion on this topic which has another solution from "friendy1108" ~"My solution right now is to hide the title bar and make a button to close the child window. From the link you sent, I can do this: title.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed;" That would do it, but I prefer the style override.

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Thanks, I might just hide the title, whatever is easiest. It's good to know what the options are. –  Dave May 25 '12 at 15:20

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