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I tracked down a bug in my system to this anomaly - at least it's an anomaly in my system of 15 catalogs with similar but unequal schemas.

What causes the [TABLE_NAME] in [INFORMATION_SCHEMA].[VIEWS] to be different than the value in [VIEW_DEFINITION]?

It makes me think I don't understand something about Views or System Tables in SQL Server... .

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If you have renamed the view, the name changes, but the definition doesn't.

You should do this as a DROP/CREATE or an ALTER script, not by right-clicking or using sp_rename.

This is actually expected behavior for all modules. Here is a quick test using a simple stored procedure:

    SELECT 1;

-- rename it to proc_bar

EXEC sp_rename N'dbo.proc_foo', N'proc_bar', N'OBJECT';

-- check the definition from various sources

              WHERE ROUTINE_NAME = 'proc_bar'),
    sql_m = (SELECT definition FROM sys.sql_modules 
             WHERE [object_id] = OBJECT_ID('proc_bar'));


od                             info_s                         sql_m
-----------------------------  -----------------------------  -----------------------------
CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.proc_foo  CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.proc_foo  CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.proc_foo
AS                             AS                             AS
    SELECT 1;                      SELECT 1;                      SELECT 1;

In any case, you shouldn't be using INFORMATION_SCHEMA anyway... http://sqlblog.com/blogs/aaron_bertrand/archive/2011/11/03/the-case-against-information-schema-views.aspx

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I'm sure you are correct about how it got into this state. sp_refreshsqlmodule got an error that looked like it tried to parse the same stale view definition that is in INFORMATION_SCHEMA. I tried your other approach but I didn't know where to ge the definition from. Using the object_id from sys.view in conjunction with the two methods of getting a view definition found at msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms345522.aspx#_FAQ35 yielded the stale definition as well. Finally I scripted an ALTER VIEW in SMSS and just ran it and happily that turned out to be my fix! – Aaron Anodide May 22 '12 at 17:04
The definition is found in sys.sql_modules which you can join to sys.objects or sys.views on [object_id]. You can also use the OBJECT_DEFINITION() metadata function. – Aaron Bertrand May 22 '12 at 17:10
Thanks for the updates. Just as some background, this catalog was created during my second month using Sql Server on the job and I hadn't yet caught on to the usefulness of the SCRIPT AS technique and I'm learning just now that SMSS calls sp_rename as opposed to generating the appropriate ALTER statement. – Aaron Anodide May 22 '12 at 17:11

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