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I am attempting to test very simple add action for the articles controller. Below is my code. I don't understand why this is not working.


should be returning true for the admin_add action i just called and the test record I just added. However it is returning false;

    class ArticlesControllerTestCase extends ControllerTestCase {

         * Test Admin Add
         * @return void
        public function testAdminAdd() {   

            #define sample passing data  
            $sampleDataPass = array(
                    'title'=>'---Test Article Add---',
                    'body'=>'---Test Article Add Body---',

            #test passing data
            $this->Articles->request->data = $sampleDataPass;
            $this->testAction('admin/articles/add', array('data'=>$sampleDataPass));
            $this->assertEquals($this->Articles->Article->hasAny(array('Article.title'=>'---Test Article Add---')), true); #fails here

class MastersController extends AppController {
     * Admin Add
     * Default admin add method for all controllers
     * Adds a record to the models database table
     * Not calling add action becase of __setRootUserId action
     * @return void
    protected function _admin_add() {
        if (!empty($this->request->data)) { 
            #save data
            if ($this->{$this->modelClass}->save($this->request->data)) {
                return $this->Redirect->flashSuccess($this->modelClass.' saved.', isset($this->redirectSuccessUrl) ? $this->redirectSuccessUrl : array('action' => 'view', $this->{$this->modelClass}->id));
            } else {
                return $this->Redirect->flashWarning($this->modelClass.' could not be saved.', isset($this->redirectWarningUrl) ? $this->redirectWarningUrl : null);

class ArticlesController extends MastersController {
     * Admin Add
     * @see controllers/MastersController::_admin_add()
     * @return void
    public function admin_add(){
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Cache $this->Article for $this->controller (will only work after calling testAction). Should you need calling it before, you'd need to call $this->generate() to get the controller instance before any action is executed

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