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I'm using WebSphere 7. I have a simple example set up with web.xml as shown below.

This is how I test it:

  1. I start with no user and no group in WebSphere

  2. I try to access the page (/restricted/topsecret.html) I'm prompted to log in. I cannot.

  3. I add a user/password "rob/password" using the WebSphere admin console. I can now log in, but I cannot see the page. I get a "403: AuthorizationFailed" error.

  4. I add a group called "ROLE1" and I assign that group to user "rob" using the WebSphere admin console. I restart firefox, I can still log in but I still get the "403" error.

  5. I wrote a little JSP (below) to output the logged in username, but even after logging the username is still null.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?? Thanks!


    <web-resource-name>page test 1</web-resource-name>


<%@ page session="true" %>
Logged in username = '<%= request.getRemoteUser() %>' // is always null
Logged in username = '<%= request.getUserPrincipal() %>' // is always null
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There are three levels of security

  1. Administration level
  2. Application Level
  3. Java 2 Level

I am assuming you have turned on Application level (it sounds like you have it turned on but I would want to check)

Is the usertest.jsp secured?

Did you restart the application after mapping Roles to users?

The code in the JSP (the first line doesn't look good syntactically. I am assuming a typo)

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Administration and Application level are on. Java 2 Level is off. Is that right? No, usertest.jsp was not secured; I try to visit it after logging in on a secured page. Yes, I restarted the app after adding Roles. Yes a typo, corrected, thanks. –  Robert Hume May 23 '12 at 18:03
FYI, I discoverd a different (related) problem. I posted a new question that focuses on it, here's the link -- please help if you can, thanks! -- stackoverflow.com/questions/10725362/… –  Robert Hume May 23 '12 at 18:06

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