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I'm using SFML 1.6 to make a small game, and I need to display some text, so I use the sf::String class. The problem is, when I increase the size to 96pt, the edges appear a little blurry. When I increase the size of text in Microsoft Word though, it appears very clean and has crisp edges. Is there a way to do that with SFML?

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It sounds like SFML is trying to anti alias the text, i.e. make the hard, pixelated edges a bit softer. I'm not sure what MS Word does for font loading, but I'm sure they have some pretty advanced algorithms for making it crisp like you noted. – Drise May 22 '12 at 17:45
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Looking at the SFML sources, it appears that it is using the embedded Arial font. Yes, it can also load the .ttf font file, but I guess you didn't load it yet.

So the problem is tht SFML tries to scale the fixed-size bitmap when you are rendering the text.

To get rid of the aliasing try following this sample and load the .ttf manually.

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