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I have an string, something like this:


I'm trying to get the first part of the string before the first parenthesis:


Currently if I use strstr() it will return the part of the string after the specified character:

$newstr = strstr($var, '(');

I want the part before the occurrence. What is the reverse or opposite function of strstr() that will do that?

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Pass true as the third parameter.

From the manual page you have linked:

string strstr (string $haystack , mixed $needle [, bool $before_needle = false ])

before_needle: If TRUE, strstr() returns the part of the haystack before the first occurrence of the needle (excluding the needle).

Note: This parameter was only added in PHP 5.3. If for some reason you are left with an older version, a combination of substr() and strpos() should help:

$newstr = substr( $var, 0, strpos( $var, '(' ) );
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Is that all I had to do?!? Thanks @bažmegakapa –  Bob Liu May 22 '12 at 17:41
@BobLiu Reading the manual makes wonders ;). –  kapa May 22 '12 at 17:42

Set third parameter of strstr to true it will return occurrence before needle

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Better method to do this in a simple way is:

$newstr = explode('(',$var)[0];

Explanation: $result = explode('search_for_this' , $search_in_this)[0];

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