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enter image description here Hello Guys,

I am new to both maven and spring. I want to create a maven based spring project and Here is what I am doing.

New->other -> maven project -> next -> next -> ?

Here I want to select a type of project with required folder set up. For example to set up a simple maven based java project i select maven-archetype-quickstart . But coming to spring I dont know which artifact to select and I have the feeling that it is not showing all the artifacts. I am attaching some screenshots of that step where I got confused.

To be more brief: 1) If I want to get a spring project which artifact should I select 2) It looks like I am not able to see all artifacts here. For example when I look for spring I see only two artifacts. when I search for webapp i see only two artifacts. Should I do any configurations? 3)How to know which artifact suites for example for basic spring project which artifact should I choose?

My questions might be pretty basic. Please help me


All artifacts I am able to seeartifacts related to spring![][2]

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The appfuse-basic-spring archetype should create a single directory spring project. This is probably what you want for a simple project.

The appfuse-modular-spring should create a multi-module (read: parent module with several child modules) project. For more information on multi-module maven projects I would suggest looking at chapters 6 and 7 of Maven by Example.

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