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I know WCF supports many WS-* protocols but WS-Eventing does seem to be listed.

I do know that WCF has a pub/sub model, but is it WS-Eventing compliant?

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I seem to remember reading about this on CodeProject a while ago.

Sorry I can't help more, but this is the article by Roman Kiss.

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At least with WCF4 you can simply create a wsdl client by importing the WS-Eventing WSDL (with a soap binding). It requires a duplex binding so either http-duplex or simple tcp should work. The problem is adding the correct callback. For us this did the trick

                            Subscribe s = new Subscribe();
                        (s.Delivery = new DeliveryType()).Mode = "";

                        XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
                        using (XmlWriter writer = doc.CreateNavigator().AppendChild())
                            EndpointReferenceType notifyTo = new EndpointReferenceType();

                            (notifyTo.Address = new AttributedURI()).Value = callbackEndpoint.Uri.AbsoluteUri;

                            XmlRootAttribute notifyToElem = new XmlRootAttribute("NotifyTo");
                            notifyToElem.Namespace = "";

                            XmlDocument doc2 = new XmlDocument();                                    
                            using (XmlWriter writer2 = doc2.CreateNavigator().AppendChild())
                                XmlRootAttribute ReferenceElement = new XmlRootAttribute("ReferenceElement");
                                foreach(AddressHeader h in callbackEndpoint.Headers)

                                notifyTo.ReferenceParameters = new ReferenceParametersType();
                                notifyTo.ReferenceParameters.Any = notifyTo.ReferenceParameters.Any = doc2.ChildNodes.Cast<XmlElement>().ToArray<XmlElement>();               

                            new XmlSerializer(notifyTo.GetType(), notifyToElem).Serialize(writer, notifyTo);

                        (s.Delivery.Any = new XmlElement[1])[0] = doc.DocumentElement;
                        (s.Filter = new FilterType()).Dialect = "";
                        (s.Filter.Any = new System.Xml.XmlNode[1])[0] = new System.Xml.XmlDocument().CreateTextNode("");

                        SubscribeResponse subscription;
                            Console.WriteLine("Subscribing to the event...");
                            subscription = eventSource.SubscribeOp(s);
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There is no native pub/sub model in WCF 3.0, however there are a few options.
- The Roman Kiss article Ash found.
- There is a lot of other patterns you could implement (covered in MSDN Mag)
- Juval Lowy has two framework implementations you can download on his site at IDesign
- Lastly what I am using currently to mimic this with little overhead is MSMQ.

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