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I'm trying to use the following test to see if a login form correctly redirects:

    it "should allow you to login" do
    visit "/"
    fill_in 'Email', :with => ''
    fill_in 'Pass', :with => 'password'
    click_button 'Login'
    response.should be_redirect

However, rspec fails with the message that response doesn't exist. I'm running a rails 2.3.4 app, so I have rspec 1.3.4 installed. How do I test for the response?

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my tip in situations like this is to use the Pry gem, and place binding.pry right before the response line. You can then inspect the Capybara objects like this, page, etc. – Ivanoats May 22 '12 at 20:27

I assume this is an integration spec (what RSpec calls a 'request spec' in version 2)? If so, the response object is not available. For that, you'll need a controller spec, e.g.:

describe MyController do
  it "should redirect" do
    post :some_path, {:email => '', :pass => 'password'}
    response.should be_redirect

Or in your integration spec, test the expected path after a successful redirect. This works in RSpec 2, not sure about RSpec 1:

current_path.should == "/some_path"
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I think you need to ask Capybara instead of the rails test helpers.

session.status_code.should == "301"  # or 302 

should do it.

Look at the examples here:

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