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I'm new to WATIR testing (and do I love it!) and have run into a wall on how to refocus my WATIR script to a newly opened window.. Here's my (simplified) script....

require 'rubygems'
require 'watir-webdriver'

browser.button(:id, "interview48").click

puts "Expected Result:"
puts "A successful display of cars"

if browser.window(:title=>"300203830").exists?
   puts " Test passed. New window opened!"
   puts " Test Failed! No window found"

It all works right up to the end. After the key "interview48" is clicked, a new window is opened with the title "300203830". Looks like I find it but I just don't know how to now focus on that window.

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browser.window(:title => "300203830").use do
  # do something

More information:

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You can use the above commands if you open a new window from first browser instance and would like to toggle between the two.

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This one seemed to not fail when there is only one window present, as opposed to[n].use. Just a tidbit of information for anyone who might be interested in that distinction. – David West Aug 20 '13 at 17:09

Additionally for more than 2 windows you can use the following:[n].use  

#n is variable for which window. n will access them in order of opened or tabs from left to right

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