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I have a 2D grid for a robot to navigate around. I need to locate the shortest path between two points, the startNode and goalNode. The grid is represented by a n x n multidimensional array.

Robots possible actions (transition)

  • Up [0,1]
  • down [0,-1]
  • left [-1,0]
  • right [1,0]

where [x,y]

How would I construct a method to return one of the preceding actions if it does not exceed the multidimensional array bounds?

get potential action from transition
if valid action - in array bounds
return action


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up and down are the same? –  ratchet freak May 22 '12 at 19:13

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Check to see if moving in a certain direction would put you out of bounds.

So it would look something like

String move()

   if(y+1<n)//Can Move Up
   return "up";

   if(y-1>=0)//Can Move Down
   return "down";

   if(x+1<n)//Can Move Right
   return "right";

   if(x-1>=0)//Can Move Left
   return "left";

   return "can't move";


Of course this would always try to move up first, then down, then right, then left. So you can change this code to match your needs.

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I had a similar solutions, but seems so verbose...Thanks –  Hmm May 22 '12 at 19:22

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