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I have a set of frames extracted from a video and want to remove motion blur effects (that are primarily in one dimension only). Are there any open source libraries that do this? I couldn't find anything in OpenCV. I've found a lot of academic papers on the subject, but was hoping there might be a library.

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Blind deconvolution using alternating maximum a posteriori estimation with heavy-tailed priors is one of possible method, but it is very slow. See

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You can find Matlab/C codes for a motion deblurring algorithm here:

You will need to port Matlab/C codes to OpenCV.

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avisynth, I think, can do this. Sorry, spoke too soon. avisynth can do frame interpolation, good for changing sampling rate. And it can do frame repair, to interpolate what a frame should be based on its neighbors. I do not recall an exact de-blur option.

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