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I have a problem. I don't know where to put jQuery EasyUI in CakePHP? Which folder?

Do I use it like a helper?

Do I have to put something like:

var  $helpers = array('jQuery');

Do I have to put some in view?

Thank you so much for your help always. :)


And if you can give me some online tutorials with jQuery EasyUI with CakePHP 2.x. (I already Google it.) :D

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In CakePHP javascript files are stored in app/webroot/js/.

You then can include them in the layout by calling

echo $html->script('jquery-1.7.2.min.js');  

You can then write your javascript code in either the view or another external js file.

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Why was this answer voted down? – RichardAtHome May 23 '12 at 8:48
Thank you so much! :D – user1390975 May 23 '12 at 11:39

As this question is for CakePHP 2.x the correct answer is:

echo $this->Html->script('jquery-1.7.2.min');

Notice that there is no extension for the JavaScript file. The script() function of the HtmlHelper includes script files from the app/webroot/js forlder. You can also load multiple script files:

echo $this->Html->script(array(

Script dependance and precedence also have a role here. This means that if say scriptA.js depends on scriptB.js, the later must be loaded first:

echo $this->Html->script(array(

When you're loading a plugin of jQuery you must watch over this as well. Notice that in the example I gave for loading multiple script files shows this.

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Thank you so much! :D – user1390975 May 23 '12 at 11:41

Upload the jQuery & jQuery EasyUI source code to your /app/webroot/js directory

Link to them in your layout (if you want it included in all your pages) or in individual views with:

<?php $this->Html->script(array('jquery.js', 'jquery-easyui.js'), array('inline'=>false)); ?>

(Replace jquery.js and jquery-easyui.js filenames with the actual filenames)

One you have the libraries loading properly (use Firebug to check ;-), you should be able either with inline scripts (not recommended) or by loading external scripts:

<?php $this->Html->script(array('jquery.js', 'jquery-easyui.js', 'myscript.js'), array('inline'=>false)); ?>

Note: The order you include them is important.

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Thank you so much! :D – user1390975 May 23 '12 at 11:40
echo $html->script('jquery-1.7.2.min'); 
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